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Account Deleted

Oh my! Congrats on your new walker. How exciting. He looks thrilled.
From the mother of one new walker to another, it doesn't really get that much harder. In many ways it gets easier.
For example, playing at the park is suddenly way more fun!


Sitting up bright and alert. Shuma is so well behaved.

Sonia Chong

Silent lurker no more. This made me smile cause mine when from 1 to 11 and 16 at a blink of an eye and they are still fun and loving and yes, they STILL do come for hugs and the FIRST person they run to when they are hurt STILL!

Carol-Anne Conway

Look at those expressions! First the that moment of surprise, then the open mouthed "WOW! I'm really doing this" and finally the "did that really just happen, or did I imagine it"

Well done, Shuma, stepping out in style!

Dr. Gabriella Kadar

Your son is so beautiful. No wonder you are getting all sentimental about the eas(ier) pre-walking days. *my daughters are 27 and 29 years old*: Motherhood is all about 'letting go'. Maybe it sounds sad, maybe it's a relief, maybe it's also a moment of pride. Probably it's a bit of everything.




Go, Shuma!!! (Sorry, Mom... c'est la vie.)

Debi Balmilero

one thing i learned when my son was about 9 months and started walking!! my mom explained that when all of those rolls melt off, he can wear some of those outfits again=they will still fit. so we saved quite a few outfits that he could wear again! and yes-it all happens way too fast. my son is now a week away from his 16th birhtday so we are at the 'driving milestone' - just you wait!
have fun

Sandra Khoo

Hi,am a big fan of your blog and have been following it for sometime. Just wanted to share this cute little animated vid and thought both you and Shuma might enjoy it.

Here's the link below :


Cheers and congratulations to Shuma's first step!


Wow - walking - yes, your sitting days are over.


What a cute kid :)

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